Dunhill Single Switch

KSh 400

DUNHILL SINGLE SWITCH cigarettes offer adult smokers a convenient and straightforward smoking experience. Crafted from premium tobacco and wrapped in smooth paper, these cigarettes feature a single-switch design for easy ignition. Enjoy the classic flavor and smooth texture of these cigarettes, perfect for adult smokers aged 18 and above.

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  • Size: Standard cigarette size
  • Material: Tobacco, paper
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Single-switch design, easy to ignite
  • Technical specifications: Contains tobacco, wrapped in paper
  • Design: Simple, with brand logo and product name
  • Variants: Regular tobacco flavor


  1. Convenient Size: The DUNHILL SINGLE SWITCH cigarettes come in a standard size, making them easy to handle and enjoy.
  2. Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality tobacco and wrapped in paper, these cigarettes ensure a smooth smoking experience.
  3. Intended for Adults: Designed for adult smokers aged 18 and above, ensuring responsible consumption.
  4. Single-Switch Design: Featuring a single switch, these cigarettes are easy to ignite, providing quick and hassle-free smoking.
  5. Simple Yet Effective: With a straightforward design, these cigarettes offer a no-nonsense smoking experience for enthusiasts.
  6. Smooth Texture: The paper exterior of the cigarettes provides a smooth texture, enhancing the overall smoking experience.
  7. Classic Flavor: Available in a regular tobacco flavor, these cigarettes deliver a timeless and satisfying smoking sensation.