Four Cousins Red Sweet 1.5 Litre

KSh 1,850

Indulge in the delightful taste of FOUR COUSINS RED SWEET 1.5 LITRE, a sweet red wine packaged in a generous 1.5-liter glass bottle. Crafted for adult consumers, this wine offers a smooth texture and fruity flavor profile, perfect for sharing with friends and family during special occasions and gatherings.

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  • Size: 1.5 liters
  • Material: Glass bottle
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Sweet red wine
  • Shape: Tall, cylindrical bottle
  • Texture: Smooth liquid
  • Design: Classic label with Four Cousins branding


  1. Generous Size: FOUR COUSINS RED SWEET comes in a large 1.5-liter glass bottle, providing plentiful servings for gatherings and celebrations.
  2. Premium Material: Packaged in a durable glass bottle, FOUR COUSINS RED SWEET preserves the quality and integrity of the sweet red wine.
  3. Adult Consumption: Designed for adult consumers aged 18 and above, FOUR COUSINS RED SWEET offers a delightful wine experience for mature palates.
  4. Sweet Flavor: This wine features a special blend that results in a sweet and fruity flavor profile, appealing to those with a preference for sweeter wines.
  5. Tall Bottle Shape: The bottle boasts a tall and cylindrical shape, making it easy to store and pour, enhancing convenience during consumption.
  6. Smooth Texture: FOUR COUSINS RED SWEET offers a smooth liquid texture, ensuring a pleasant drinking experience with every sip.
  7. Classic Design: The label on the bottle showcases the classic branding of Four Cousins, making it easily recognizable and appealing to wine enthusiasts.