Jameson 40 Percent 1 Litre

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Experience the smooth and mellow taste of JAMESON 40% 1 LITRE. Triple-distilled for exceptional smoothness, this classic Irish whiskey embodies tradition and quality, making it the perfect choice for sharing moments of enjoyment and camaraderie.

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– Type: Irish Whiskey

– Size: 1 Liter

– Material: Glass bottle with screw cap closure

– Intended age range: 18+

– Special features: Triple-distilled for smoothness

– Technical specifications: Alcohol by volume (ABV) is typically around 40%

– Shape: Classic bottle with a sturdy base and a tapered neck

– Pattern: Clear glass with a label showcasing the JAMESON branding and signature logo

– Texture: Smooth and mellow on the palate

– Design: Timeless label design with gold and green accents, reflecting the heritage of JAMESON Irish Whiskey

– Variants: Available in a single standard size and design, no additional flavor variants


  1. Smooth and Mellow: JAMESON 40% 1 LITRE offers a smooth and mellow whiskey experience, crafted through the traditional triple-distillation process, ensuring exceptional smoothness and consistency.
  2. Triple-Distilled Excellence: Experience the unparalleled quality of JAMESON, triple-distilled to perfection, resulting in a whiskey renowned for its exceptional smoothness and balanced flavor profile.
  3. Classic Irish Whiskey: JAMESON embodies the essence of classic Irish whiskey, with its distinctive smoothness and rich character, making it a beloved choice among whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.
  4. Timeless Design: The timeless label design of JAMESON, adorned with gold and green accents, pays homage to the rich heritage and tradition of Irish whiskey craftsmanship, reflecting the brand’s longstanding legacy.
  5. Versatile Spirit: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a key ingredient in cocktails, JAMESON offers versatility and depth of flavor, making it suitable for various drinking occasions and preferences.
  6. Perfect for Sharing: JAMESON 40% 1 LITRE is the perfect choice for sharing moments of conviviality and camaraderie, bringing people together over a shared appreciation for fine whiskey.
  7. Suitable for Adults: JAMESON 40% 1 LITRE is intended for adults aged 18 and above, promoting responsible enjoyment of premium spirits.