Savannah Dry 24

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Experience the convenience and refreshing taste of SAVANNAH DRY 24, a cider beverage packaged in a pack containing 24 glass bottles. Crafted for adults aged 18 and above, this cider offers a crisp and flavorful drinking experience, available in various flavors to suit different preferences.

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  • Size: 24 bottles per pack
  • Material: Glass bottles with metal caps
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Crisp and refreshing cider beverage
  • Technical specifications: Contains alcohol by volume (ABV) varies by product
  • Shape: Cylindrical bottles with a narrow neck
  • Texture: Clear liquid beverage
  • Design: Clean and modern label design with blue and yellow accents
  • Variants: Available in different pack sizes and flavors such as apple, pear, or berry


  1. Bulk Packaging: SAVANNAH DRY 24 comes in a convenient pack containing 24 glass bottles, perfect for stocking up or sharing with friends.
  2. Classic Material: Packaged in glass bottles with metal caps, SAVANNAH DRY maintains the freshness and quality of the cider.
  3. Adult Consumption: Designed for legal drinking-age adults, SAVANNAH DRY is intended for responsible and legal consumption by individuals aged 18 and above.
  4. Refreshing Taste: Enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of SAVANNAH DRY, a cider beverage crafted for those seeking a light and flavorful option.
  5. Versatile Packaging: The cylindrical shape of the bottles with a narrow neck makes them easy to hold and pour, ensuring a hassle-free drinking experience.
  6. Modern Design: The label SAVANNAH DRY features a clean and modern design with blue and yellow accents, appealing to contemporary consumers.
  7. Flavor Variants: Explore different flavor options of SAVANNAH DRY, such as apple, pear, or berry, to find your preferred taste profile.