Tusker Malt Can 500ml

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Experience the rich and flavorful taste of TUSKER MALT CAN 500ML, a premium malt beverage packaged in a convenient aluminum can. Crafted for adults aged 18 and above, this velvety-smooth malt drink offers a luxurious drinking experience with its distinctive branding and portable packaging. Whether at home or on the move, TUSKER MALT is the perfect choice for those seeking a rich and satisfying beverage option.

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  • Size: 500 milliliters
  • Material: Aluminum can with pull-tab lid
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Rich and flavorful malt beverage
  • Technical specifications: Alcohol by volume (ABV) content varies by product
  • Shape: Cylindrical can
  • Texture: Smooth liquid with a velvety mouthfeel
  • Design: Bold and distinctive label design with Tusker Malt branding and logo
  • Variants: Available in different packaging sizes and formats such as bottles and cans


  1. Convenient Size: TUSKER MALT CAN 500ML is conveniently packaged in a 500-milliliter aluminum can, perfect for enjoying at home or on the go.
  2. Portable Packaging: The aluminum can features a pull-tab lid for easy opening and portability, making it suitable for various occasions and outdoor activities.
  3. Rich Flavor: Indulge in the rich and flavorful taste of Tusker Malt, crafted with premium malted barley for a distinctive and satisfying drinking experience.
  4. Smooth Texture: TUSKER MALT boasts a smooth liquid texture with a velvety mouthfeel, ensuring a luxurious drinking sensation with every sip.
  5. Distinctive Design: The bold and distinctive label design of TUSKER MALT features Tusker Malt branding and logo, making it stand out on the shelf with its eye-catching appearance.
  6. Versatile Variants: Explore different packaging sizes and formats of TUSKER MALT, including bottles and cans, to find the perfect option for your preferences and lifestyle.