Flirt Vodka Green Apple 700ml

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Experience the delightful taste of FLIRT VODKA GREEN APPLE 700ML, a premium vodka infused with the refreshing flavor of green apples. Packaged in a stylish glass bottle, this vodka is perfect for adult consumers seeking a unique and enjoyable drinking experience.

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  • Size: 700 milliliters
  • Material: Glass bottle
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Green apple flavor infusion
  • Technical specifications: Distilled vodka
  • Shape: Rectangular bottle
  • Texture: Smooth and clear
  • Design: Vibrant green label with Apple graphics


  1. Moderate Size: FLIRT VODKA GREEN APPLE comes in a convenient 700-milliliter glass bottle, suitable for individual consumption or sharing with friends.
  2. Premium Material: Packaged in a high-quality glass bottle, FLIRT VODKA GREEN APPLE ensures the preservation of its smooth and clear texture.
  3. Adult Consumption: Crafted for adult consumers aged 18 and above, FLIRT VODKA GREEN APPLE is suitable for those seeking a flavorful vodka experience.
  4. Flavor Infusion: This vodka boasts a special green apple flavor infusion, delivering a refreshing twist to the traditional vodka taste.
  5. Distillation Process: FLIRT VODKA GREEN APPLE undergoes a meticulous distillation process to guarantee purity and quality in every sip.
  6. Eye-catching Design: The bottle features a vibrant green label adorned with apple graphics, making it visually appealing and easy to identify.
  7. Versatile Usage: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as part of a cocktail, FLIRT VODKA GREEN APPLE offers versatility in consumption options