Imperial Blue 750ml

KSh 1,000

Experience the premium quality and smooth flavor of IMPERIAL BLUE whisky in a 750-milliliter glass bottle. Crafted for adults aged 18 and above, this blended whisky offers a sophisticated drinking experience, perfect for whisky enthusiasts.

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  • Size: 750 milliliters
  • Material: Glass bottle
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Premium quality blended whisky
  • Design: Sleek glass bottle design with Imperial Blue branding
  • Variants: Imperial Blue whisky


  1. Generous Size: IMPERIAL BLUE comes in a 750-milliliter glass bottle, providing ample servings for enjoyment.
  2. Premium Quality: Crafted with a blend of fine whiskies, IMPERIAL BLUE offers a high-quality drinking experience, perfect for whisky enthusiasts.
  3. Intended for Adults: This whisky is intended for adults aged 18 and above, ensuring responsible consumption.
  4. Smooth Flavor: Indulge in the smooth and rich flavor of IMPERIAL BLUE, characterized by its balanced blend of whiskies.
  5. Elegant Design: The glass bottle features a sleek design with Imperial Blue branding, making it visually appealing and easy to recognize.
  6. Variant Available: IMPERIAL BLUE is available in the Imperial Blue whisky variant, offering a premium whisky-drinking experience.