Jack Daniels 1litre

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Experience the rich heritage and exceptional quality of JACK DANIELS 1LITRE, a Tennessee whiskey packaged in an iconic square bottle with a black label. Crafted for adults aged 18 and above, this whiskey variant offers a smooth and mellow flavor profile, perfect for savoring on any occasion.

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  • Size: 1 liter
  • Material: Glass bottle
  • Intended age range: 18+
  • Special features: Smooth and mellow flavor profile
  • Technical specifications: Meticulously distilled using traditional methods
  • Design: Iconic square-shaped bottle with black label
  • Variants: Available as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey


  1. Generous Size: JACK DANIELS 1LITRE offers a substantial quantity of whiskey in a 1-liter glass bottle, perfect for gatherings and celebrations.
  2. Durable Material: Packaged in a high-quality glass bottle, JACK DANIELS ensures the preservation of its exceptional flavor and quality.
  3. Adult Enjoyment: Crafted for adults aged 18 and above, JACK DANIELS is designed for responsible and legal consumption.
  4. Smooth Flavor: Indulge in the smooth and mellow flavor profile of JACK DANIELS, featuring notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.
  5. Traditional Craftsmanship: Each bottle of JACK DANIELS is meticulously distilled using time-honored methods, ensuring consistency and excellence.
  6. Iconic Design: Recognizable by its square-shaped bottle and black label, JACK DANIELS boasts an iconic design that stands the test of time.
  7. Variant Available: JACK DANIELS is available as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey variant, offering a classic and authentic whiskey experience.